Ways To Show Off Your Pinoy Pride

by Ricky
Jan 22, 2018 at 8:07 AM

Boost your Pinoy pride and spread the word, from social media to the ASEAN

If we have a kababayan competing in a beauty pageant, a sporting event, film festivals, or awards shows, we flood our social media pages with words of encouragement and rally for support.MANILA, Philippines – We Filipinos take our nationalistic pride to the next level.

We’re always the first to raise that beautiful #PinoyPride flag: when Philippine bet Rachel Peters competed in Miss Universe in late November, or when our hardworking athletes made waves in the SEA Games last August.

Hearing about how homegrown brands making waves in the international stage, much like how Locally promoted our indigenous fruit flavors at the 31st ASEAN Summit, is also enough for our hearts to swell with pride.

Now, more than ever, we have become more conscious of our identity. For the longest time we put a premium on imported things—from chocolates to movies and everything in between. Nowadays, it’s all about going local.

Here, then, are small ways you can get acquainted with what’s hip and happening in the scene, boost your Pinoy pride, and proclaim to the world just how awesome we are.

Try new forms of entertainment

These days, there are many options aside from your usual movies, TV and web series, concerts, and stage plays. Get off your couch, round up the gang, and sign up for themed walking tours around some of Manila’s historic districts like Carlos Celdran’s Walk This Way, Old Manila Walks’ The Big Binondo Food Wok, and Manila Who’s The Tale of the Rose. Not only do you get a dose of exercise, you also get to fill your minds and tummies.

Prefer an adventure that’s less physical but will definitely get your heads whirring? Check out the escape rooms by Breakout Philippines and Mystery Manila, with branches located all over Metro Manila!

Support young independent artists by promoting, buying their art

If the numerous pop-up fairs like Local Loca in Cubao Expo, places like Common Room and the HUB: Make Lab, and festivals like the recently concluded Katipunan Art Festival are anything to get by, we can confidently say the local independent art scene is fully alive and kicking and continuously growing.

Thanks to social media, we also get to discover young but extremely talented artists of all sorts.

Support young independent artists by promoting and buying their art! There are many enterprising creatives nowadays who put their art in on merchandise that you can actually use everyday: tote bags, button pins, notebooks, postcards, t-shirts, stickers, and even tape!

Immerse yourself in OPM

Like Pinoy art, original Pinoy music is very much alive, too. And no, we’re not just talking about the artists that your grandparents and parents love.

Open YouTube or Spotify and discover the new and young local acts that have captured the hearts of music fans. There’s alt-folk act The Strangeness, pop folk band Ben&Ben, indie rock band Cheats, soloist and multi-hyphenate Reese Lansangan, and many, many more. You’re bound to find your newest favorite no matter what your cup of tea is.

Eat and drink lokal

Recent years saw the arrival of internationally-renowned restaurant chains to our shores. It’s good to try them so you’re exposed to global cuisines, of course, but do remember that we have lots of food places that are just as – if not more – satisfactory than them.

Hole-in-the-wall joints, restaurants, bars and pubs, speakeasies, food parks, entire streets, even small booths and kiosks: you name them, we got them all over the country. Metro Manila alone has loads of food joints that make “Sa’n tayo kakain?” just a little more difficult to answer.

Spread the word

When you’ve done all these, don’t forget to promote what you love. You don’t have to be a beauty queen, an athlete, or a celebrity to create awareness! Write a note about your experiences and travels on your blog or on Facebook, or post a short but sweet shout out on Twitter or Instagram. If you have friends or family from abroad coming over, introduce them to local brands and acts and take them on tours.

And if you’re fortunate enough to be given a platform that will allow you to spread the word about our culture on a bigger scale, take it. It’s exactly what Locally, that quirky local blended juice drink with pun-ny variant names inspired by Pinoy humor and colorful packaging, just did during the 31st ASEAN Summit!

During the Summit, Locally introduced an aspect of our food culture by way of refreshing flavors made from fruits that are organically grown in different parts of the country. Its taste and flavor names – You’ve Dalandan It Again, Tamarind My Bell, Mangosteenie Miney Mo, Guyabano-body But You, Calamansiz’the Day, Pomelong & Lasting Love, Save the Best for Sineguelast, and Merci Buco – caught the attention and the palates of representatives of local and foreign media billeted at the International Press Center.

Don’t these give you a strong sense of pride? There are so many good things going on right now in Filipino pop culture and these are just a few.

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